Directorate of Employment
Govt. of NCT of Delhi


Validating Existing Data

Procedure for Validating Existing Data

  1. Read the important instructions given below carefully before clicking on “Confirm & Update” button.
  2. Enter existing registration details. All fields are mandatory.
  3. After entering the details,if your existing details are not retrieved,
    1. Click on Search Data.
    2. Enter the relevant details and click on Submit.
    3. If your data is available in the Search list, click on the 'Renew' button and authenticate yourself by entering your Date of Birth.
    4. If your data is not available in the Search list, kindly intimate at quoting your 'Js'-id.
  4. If details are retrieved, it will be displayed on top of the webpage and in the respective fields. Verify the existing data, update wrong entries
  5. Enter/Select other required fields and click on ‘Continue’.
  6. Enter the Qualification, Skill set, Experience, National & International Language. While entering, remember the following:
    1. The data added to list will be submitted. Only selection of data does not mean that data will be submitted.
    2. After selecting the data you MUST CLICK ON “ADD TO LIST” button.
    3. You can enter maximum of 5 records in each category.
    4. Skill set is an auto-complete field, wait to populate. As you will type data field will be populated and you have to select from the appearing list by clicking on desired data.
  7. Click on “Submit” to generate receipt. The userid and password for accessing the Employment Portal is provided in the receipt.

Important Instructions/ Points to Remember

  1. The fields marked * are mandatory.
  2. Please check all the details and spelling before submitting the page. The Department will not be responsible for the errors at the User-end.
  3. The verification of details provided by the User is not the responsibilty of the Department.
  4. The Re-Registration Process consists of TWO Steps: Providing Basic Details and Providing Qualification & Experience Details.
  5. In the first Form, Please fill in the mandatory fields (Point 1) that are not entered/ selected already.
  6. The Name of the Candidate should be entered in 3 parts : First Name, Middle Name and Last/SurName.
  7. In the second Form, re-enter your qualification, experience and language details. (Should be the same as the details you have already entered previously.)
  8. Click on 'Add' to enter further details.