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Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital


The hospital dietary services caters to all indoor patients of the hospital. Department of Dietetics caters to the need of the patients in various areas of the hospital.

Purpose of the department

To provide nutritious food to the patients such that it improves the nutritional status of a hospitalized patients keeping in mind restrictions of certain nutrients as part of the therapy.


The Dietetics department is responsible for planning, organizing and directing all phases of Dietetics operation which includes:-

  •     Menu planning

  •     Food preparation and services

  •     Patient therapy and education
  •     Safety and sanitation programme

Services provided

·         Hospital kitchen follows centralized system of diet distribution cater to more than 100 patients to various wards

·         Daily five meals are served to patients: Early morning, Breakfast, Lunch, Evening tea and Dinner

·         Various diets like normal diet/ soft diet/ liquid diet/ high protein diet/ salt restricted diet/ diabetic diet/renal diet e.t.c. are also provided to indoor patients.

·         Special feed as per patients clinical condition is provided to the admitted patients

·         Diet provided to all admitted patients is checked by Dietician before serving /distributing to the patients in wards

Food service management

  •       Maintenance of safe food storage practices
  •       Supervision of food preparation
  •       Supervision of sanitation and hygiene of the Dietary department
  •       Selection, training and supervision of personnel

Nutritional care of patients

  •       Planning of Diets ( Normal/ Therapeutics)
  •       Diet counseling ( IPD & OPD)
  •       Ensuring provision of adequate diets to patients
  •       Effectiveness of dietary management in patient care.


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Last Update : 29-Jan-2021