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Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital

Pathology Lab

Laboratory is functional round the clock.


Routine Lab                :           9am to 4 pm

Emergency Lab           :           functional 24 hrs

Samples received

·         Blood

·         Urine

·         Semen

·         Body fluids ( (CSF,Ascitic fluid, Pleural fluid,Synovial fluid)

·         PAP smear

Blood and urine sample collection

Collection centre:        Room no 50

Collection timings:      8 am to 12 noon ( Mon – Fri)

8 am to 11:30 am Saturday

`                       Blood samples from wards are received in the laboratory till 12 noon

Body fluids are received in the lab till 3 pm

FNAC is done on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Semen analysis is done every Wednesday after proper appointment and instructions

All samples are reported on the same day

IPD reports are dispatched the same afternoon at 3 pm and OPD reports are dispatched the next morning.

List of tests done (Routine lab)

·         Haemogram (Hb,TLC,DLC,ESR, Platelet Count)

·         Peripheral smear

·         AEC

·         RBC indices (MCV,MCH,MCHC,RBC Count)

·         PCB

·         Blood group


·         Blood sugar( Fasting/PP),GCT,GTT

·         HbA1C

·         LFT

·         LFT

·         Lipid profile

·         S.Electrolytes

·         S.Amylase

Urine – Routine/ Microscopy

UPT (Urine pregnancy test)

Tests done in Emergency lab

·         Blood sugar

·         Blood urea

·         S.Creatinine

·         S. Bilirubin

·         Hb,TLC, DLC ,Platelet Count, Blood Group

·         S. Electrolytes

·         So.Amylase

·         Urine- Routine/Microscopy

·         UPT

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