Form of application to be used by the charitable, educational institutions for going notified under clause (d) of Section 11 of the Act
Form of application to be used for seeking extension of time for the winding up of the business of the existing schemes
Form for furnishing particulars of the Scheme(s) and winding up plan

APPENDIX I FORM - I WITH ANNEXURE Form of application obtaining previous sanction to commence or conduct a chit

FORM - II Form of granting previous sanction for commencement or conduct of chit

FORM - III Application for registration of the Chit Agreement

FORM - IV Endorsement of Registration of a chit agreement

FORM - V Application for Approprotion from the reserve fund

FORM - VI Declaration Of Full Subscription Of Chit Tickets

FORM - VII Certificate Of Commencement Of Chit

FORM - VIII Certificate Of Furnishing A Copy Of Chit Agreement To Every Subscriber Of A Chit

FORM - IX Notice To Subscribers Of Chit Number_____20

FORM -X Application For The Substitution Of The Security

FORM - XI Form Of Register Of Subscribers

FORM - XII Form Of The Ledger

FORM - XIII Form Of The Day Book

FORM - XIV Form Of Register Showing The Amounts Deposited In Approved Banks In Respect Of All Chits Conducted By The Foreman

FORM - XV Receipt & Payments Account And Statement Of Assets & Liabilities Of Chit Group :

FORM - XVI Application For Reference Of A Dispute To Arbitration

FORM - XVII Form of letter of authority
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