About Us
About Us

Delhi Consumer’s Cooperative Wholesale Store Ltd is a registered society under Delhi Cooperative Societies Act. It was registered in the year 1962. It was setup for supplying Consumer goods to its affiliated various Primary Consumer cooperative Stores functioning in various parts of the metropolis. The need for establishment of this society arose during the post China aggression period when the prices of the essential commodities went sky-high in the market due to over-all shortages of consumer goods created by the traders by hoarding stocks for profiteering. The society was required to make bulk procurement of essential consumer goods from the sources and supply the same to the affiliated Primary stores & to public at large on reasonable prices, to enable those stores to sell the consumer goods to the public on lower prices than those prevailing in the open market.
The main objective of the Store is (a) to supply consumer goods to the public at reasonable rates through its Primary Consumer’s Cooperative Stores and public through retail outlets of Apna Bazar functioning in the length and breadth of the Metropolis; (b) to supply stationery items and other general goods at competitive prices to the Govt. Schools, Govt. Offices, Para Military Forces and other officials and non-officials Organizations; (c) functioning as nominated agency of the government for the sale of liquor through its 75 retail outlets setup in various parts of the city; (d) to assist government in distribution of scares items of consumer goods during the period of temporary shortage to over come the difficulties of the general consumers and (e) to supply dietary items to those Government Department like Social Welfare Department/NGOs which are engaged in the service of down-trodden, handicapped, old and destitute on reasonable rates. 
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