Organisation Structure
Organisation Structure

Managing Committee/ Administrator is top functionary and overall Incharge of the Organisation. It is acts as Appellate authority in respect of all the personnel working in the Organisation. All administrative and financial powers of the Organization rests with the Managing Committee/Administrators.

Senior General Manager is Administrative Head of the Organisation. He supervises the functioning of all the sections of the Store. He maintains financial controls and ensures that the Organisation runs on sound footings. He is disciplinary authority in respect of employees of Store.

Accounts Officer is incharge of Accounts Section of the Organisation and looks after the financial management of the Store with the assistance other ancillary staff posted in the Accounts Section under his charge.

Manager (Stationery) is the incharge of the Stationery section of the Store. He manages the procurement and sale of stationery and other general items at the counter setup for the purpose and also arranges the supply of the stationery and general goods.

Manager (Liquor ) is responsible for the procurement of liquor and availability of liquor at vends set up by the Store with the approval of Commissioner of Excise, Govt. of Delhi. He also ensures that the liquor vends are being run in accordance with the rules and procedure prescribed by the Excise Department of Govt. of Delhi.

Manager (Wholesale)/ Retail of consumer goods is responsible for procurement of consumer goods and supply the same to the retail outlets of Apna Bazar (retail outlets setup by the Store, and the Franchise shops) and Primary Consumer�s Cooperative Stores. He oversees the working of the retail outlets and ensure that the goods required for sale at the retail outlets reach at the retail outlets in time. He also listens to the grievances of public, if any, and solve those at the spot where possible and report all the problems of the outlets to the Managing Committee/Administrator as the case may be.
Manager ( Caretaking) is responsible for the proper maintenance of building of Store as also availability of infrastructure facilities required at Headquarters as welol as at vends and retail out lets of Store.
Manager ( Computer Section) is Incharge of the Central Computer Section of Store located at Headquarters.

Dy. Manager (Vig.) looks after personal management of the staff, both posted at Head Office and Retail outlets. He is also responsible for the vigilance matters , inspection and disciplinary case. He controls and maintains discipline and decorum in the Organisation.

Dy. Manager ( Personal) is Incharge of the Personal Section of the Store. Looks after the personal matter of staff including recruitment, posting & Transfer , leave, pay, retirement as also payment retirement benefits.

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