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Manual 17 ( Other information Prescribed )

 Instructions issued to the Incharges of Liquuor shops for proper maintenance and up-keep.

Punctuality in attendance and observance of discipline  :-

  1. All staff members of the vend must ensure the attendance at the schedule opening time of the vend.
  2. A key of the vend must be retained by the Supervisor/Incharge of the vend. Second key should be retained in a sealed cover by the senior-most Salesman.
  3. The lock of the vend must be opened in the presence of the Supervisor/Incharge and in his absence, it should be opened in the presence of senior-most Salesman of the vend.
  4. The attendance should be marked in the Attendance Register before commencing day�s job in the vend.
  5. The Cash Declaration Register should be filed by all staff at the time of opening.
  6. Attendance register should be authenticated by the Incharge of the Vend within half-an-hour of opening.
  7. The staff must wear name bagdes immediately after entering into the Vend and display the same through out the day.
  8. The Incharge must ensure his presence in the vend through out the day and should not leave the vend without prior information to Manger (IMFL)/Dy. Manager (IMFL). In this regard the Circular No. DCCWS/PA/ADM/105/08 dated 13.05.2005 to be referred for strict compliance.

Cleanliness and Display :-

  1. It is the duty of the Incharge to ensure cleanliness in the Vend.
  2. All the brands must be displayed in the show window and those should be visible to the customers.
  3. The price list of all the brands of IMFL/C.L./Beer must be displayed.

Display of Statutory Warning:-

It should be ensured that the following Statutory Warning is displayed at the prominent place, easily visible to the customers.

  1. Consumption of liquor is injurious to Health.
  2. No sale to person below 25 year of age.
  3. One person can buy 18 ltr. of IMFL and 36 ltr. of beer/wine/liquor.
  4. One person can buy only 4 bottles of Country Liquor.
  5. No Smoking
  6. Goods sold will not be returned/ exchanged.
  7. Check the balance before leaving the counter

Receipt of Goods:-

  1. All supplies of liquor by the supplier (L-1) against the order for a particular shop should not be refused by the Vend staff under any circumstances.
  2. The Goods should be checked carefully not only date of expiry, spuriousness, any shortage/breakage and replacement of the same should be taken instantly. If the supplier is not in a position to replace the broken bottles then and there, suitable note should be recorded on the supply order and information on this affect should be sent to the Head Office on the same day.
  3. Goods received from the suppliers (L-I) must be acknowledged and duly stamped.

Maintenance of Record:-

The following Registers should be completed on the close of the sale every day:-

  1. Sale Register
  2. Stock Register
  3. Day Book
  4. Brand-wise Stock Register
  5. L-2/L-10 Register
  6. Each entry has to authenticated by the Incharge of the Vend. Failure to do so attracts severe punishment. Special task-force has been constituted by the Head Office which can raid any Vend/ retail outlet at any time including at the opening/closing hours to check the stock, cash and records. Any deficiency found is viewed very seriously.


  1. The attitude of the staff posted at the vend/ retail outlets must be very cordial and courteous towards the customers.
  2. Brand pushing/Brand refusal is treated as misbehaviour and dereliction of duty and is seriously viewed. However, if a particular brand is not available, the customers is told politely.
  3. Sales must be conducted by issuing Retail invoices.
  4. All sales must be conducted in cash. Sale on credit basis is not allowed excepting in case of supply through Marketing Division of Stationary Branch.
  5. Over-charging is offence and if any staff member indulges in overcharging, strict disciplinary proceedings are initiated.
  6. All official work is to be completed on the same day, before leaving the Vend. No staff member is allowed to leave the Vend unless the entire Sale of the day is accounted for. If there is deficiency of amount of the sale or the stock, it is viewed as misappropriation of the Store�s funds and violation of Excise Rules. It invites stern action against the erring staff.
  7. Stocking/sale of unauthorized liquor is a criminal offence and any employee engaged in such activities can be prosecuted, besides imposition of penalty of removal from service.


  1. Consumption of liquor by any staff member during working hours either in the Vend itself or outside the vend is strictly prohibited. Consumption of liquor by any staff member or any of his known person or guest in the vend is viewed seriously and invites strict disciplinary proceedings.
  2. Weekly sale report is to be sent to Manager (Liquor) on each Monday so that action for placing order for the next week�s requirement could be initiated by him. Along-with the weekly report, a note can be sent indicating special requirement of any brand which may be the choice of the customers of the area of the respective Vend. The details of any brand lying unsold at the Vend for more than 3 months should be reported to the Manager (IMFL). The slow moving goods at retail outlets are also reported to Manager ( Retail) for disposal or transfer of balance stocks.
  3. The details of daily sale and amount deposited in the Bank should also be sent to Manager (IMFL) on every Monday in addition to weekly statement which includes details of sale of entries.
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