What we do

         The Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC) is a premier think-tank of the Government of NCT of Delhi and advises the government in finding sustainable, people-centric solutions to the critical development challenges facing Delhi. To fulfil its mandate, the DDC follows an ‘outside-in’ and inside-out’ strategy.


         DDC follows the ‘outside-in’ strategy by acting as a bridge between external stakeholders (technical experts, civil society, academia and most importantly, the people of Delhi) and the Delhi Government in the effective formulation and implementation of policies. It does so by organising public events and lectures on a range of development issues, stakeholder consultations on emerging policy areas, fostering policy-research partnerships with leading universities of the world, providing young professionals a platform to engage on issues of governance and promoting systematic citizen participation in all aspects of governance.


          DDC follows the ‘inside-out’ strategy by making the governance reforms and performance of various government schemes more accessible to external stakeholders, especially the people of Delhi. It does so by regular publication of reports and policy briefs on critical governance and administrative reforms of Delhi government, publishing open datasets as well as promoting budget transparency through the Outcome Budgeting exercise of Delhi government.