Shri Arvind Kejriwal The present Delhi government, as we all know, sprung from a movement – a movement to eradicate corruption and bring about Swaraj in governance. In the four years since this government came into power, it has received global acclaim for its policies – be it the transformation of government schools, provision of high-quality primary healthcare at mohalla clinics, 24x7 electricity provided at lowest tariff in India and home delivery of government services. We have managed to do this because we believe that any city, state or nation cannot develop without the participation of the citizens. The Dialogue and Development Commission of Delhi aims to nurture this dialogue between the citizens and the Delhi government for effective formulation and implementation of policies. We invite all citizens to be a part of this initiative for transforming Delhi into one of the finest cities in the world.
Jai Hind

Shri Arvind Kejriwal
Chief Minister, Govt of NCT of Delhi
Chairman, Dialogue and Development Commission of Delhi.