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Delhi State AIDS Control Society
Organization Chart

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The Delhi State AIDS Control Society is an autonomous body of Delhi Government. It became functional from 1st November,1998 and is the nodal agency responsible for implementing the National AIDS Control Programme funded by Govt. of India in NCT of Delhi. The main objectives of the society is to prevent and control HIV transmission and to strengthen state capacity to respond to long-term challenge posed by the epidemic. The society is implementing various components through various departments/ institutes of Govt. and Non-Government.
The Society was established towards fulfillment of the following aims and objectives:
  • To prevention HIV transmission and to control its spread in Delhi
  • To reduce morbidity and mortality associated with HIV infection.
  • To reduce the adverse social and Economic impact resulting from HIV infection.
  • To coordinate and strengthen STD/HIV/AIDS surveillance in Delhi.
  • To provide technical support in HIV/AIDS prevention and control to Government and Non-governmental Organisation.
  • To enhance the community awareness about HIV/AIDS for its prevention and control. 
  • To develop materials for distribution and adoption by agencies working in AIDS prevention and control.
  • To promote, canalize and integrate the activities of Non-government Organizations for AIDS prevention and control.
  • To promote safety of blood and blood products and undertake, support and catalyze voluntary blood donation movement.
  • To provide facilities and to strengthen Sexually Transmitted Diseases control services in Government and Non-government sector and Private Medical Sector.
  • To develop counseling services on the disease of HIV/AIDS and related issues.
  • To mobilize support social, financial or otherwise for management of HIV infected person and AIDS patients.
The Society is entrusted with the task to reduce spread of HIV among all sections of the population in Delhi. It has evolved a strong multi-sectroal response towards the epidemic by involving Public Sectors and Private Sectors, various Govt. Departments and NGOs etc. to seek their co-operation in strengthening the implementation of the programme. The Society is implementing National AIDS Control Programme since November 1999.  At present NACP Phase IV Extension is being implemented.
The project has 5 components namely:
  • Targeted Intervention, STI Control & Condom Promotion
  • IEC, Blood Safety & HCTS (HIV Counselling and Testing services)
  • Surveillance Training, Operational Research and Institutional Strengthening
  • Low Cost Community based Care for HIV/AIDS
  • Inter-Sectoral Collaboration & Coordination.
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Last Updated : 28 May,2019