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Delhi State AIDS Control Society
World HIV or AIDS Scenario
HIV or AIDS Scenario in India
HIV or AIDS Scenario in Delhi
HIV / AIDS Scenario in India

Timeline –Indian Activities
• 1992- NACP I
• 1997- VCTC Services
• 1999- NACP Phase II
• 2002- National PMTCT Programme
• 2004- National ART Programme
• 2004- Comprehensive PPTCT Programme
• 2006- Revised WHO ART Guidelines

• 2007- NACP Phase III

• 2012- NACP Phase IV

• 2017- Test and Treat Strategy

• 2018- Community based testing

Indian Scenario
• PLHIV - Estimates 2.14 Million [HSS 2017],   2.31 million [2007]  ,
• 42% - women
• All states affected
• Epidemic moving from groups at high risk to the general population and from urban to rural areas
• 11,81,129  HIV +ve on ART in ART Centers [2017]

Characteristics of Indian Epidemic
• Heterogeneous epidemic

• A wide variation in HIV prevalence between districts and intra districts even within the states

• A concentrated epidemic, focused in HRGs (CSWs,MSMs,IDUs)
• 0.22% prevalence
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