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Delhi State AIDS Control Society
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Network of People living with AIDS

INP+ is a national, community-based, non-profit organization representing the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA). Formed in 1997 by twelve people living with HIV in India , INP+ aims to improve the quality of life for People Living with HIV/AIDS in India . The fundamental principle guiding the work of INP+ is the centrality of PLHA in decision-making processes that affect their lives. Consequently, INP+ is organized and managed by people living with HIV/AIDS in India .

INP+ has 12 state level member networks. Whilst these networks are independent organizations, together these networks form a federated structure, which constitutes INP+. INP+ reached 58 districts through the state level networks. INP+ closely works with PWN+ to address that women living with HIV in India.

The essence of INP+ is to provide a voice for PLHA at the local, regional and national levels in order to facilitate systemic change in critical areas such as care and support, access to treatments and addressing issues of discrimination facing PLHA in Indian society.

Six strategic objectives encompass the goal of INP+ to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS in India.


INP+ believes that treatment is crucial. Three Positive Living Centers have been established in the high-prevalence district of Namakkal, Tamil Nadu to provide comprehensive medical care and psychosocial support to PLHA and their families. Workshops on treatment education were conducted for PLHA. INP+ advocated for treatment access in various forums and at the government level as well.


INP+ has established a Family Counseling center at the Government Hospital for Thoracic Medicine in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The center provides information specific to issues relating to life after infection for both PLHA and their families.


A documentation of Human Rights violation of PLHA is being done by INP+. Recommendations will be made to the government based on the findings of the study. Currently INP+ is fighting a case against Majeed for claiming that his medicines can cure HIV. INP+ also partners with organizations like the International Labor Organization and Lawyers Collective to address Human Rights issues.


The Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GIPA) is promoted by INP+ at all levels. INP+ initiated the National Consultative group on GIPA and has prepared and submitted strategies to NACO to make GIPA operational in India .


The Positive Speakers Bureau puts a human face to HIV. Positive speakers talk to student bodies, corporate workers, factory workers, etc. about living with HIV and other issues concerning HIV/AIDS. An open forum towards the end of the positive speaking session gives an opportunity to address the fears, myths and misconceptions that often characterize discrimination.


State and District level positive networks are continually being formed. INP+ provides its affiliated Networks with capacity building trainings and the technical support to function effectively in their response to the HIV epidemic. The networks work towards garnering community support and involvement


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