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Delhi State AIDS Control Society
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Voluntary Counseling & Testing

Voluntary Counseling & Testing centre is the entry point of HIV AIDS prevention treatment and care continuum. Counseling is one of the prerequisite for HIV testing. As per National guidelines the HIV testing should be voluntary not by force or mandatory. The HIV testing will be preceded by pretest counseling & succeeded by post test counseling. At present there 92 VCTC are functioning at various hospitals and health care units all over Delhi. Dedicated professional staffs, knowledgeable in-charges have made this programme very important. The main objective of setting up of VCTC is to provide psychosocial assistance to the needy. Not only pretest or post test counseling follow up counseling holds an important service the VCTC provides. Knowing your HIV status helps you protect your self. VCTYC also provide highly scientific test result. The trained laboratory technician, good equipments and best available HIV testing kits make it possible for the people visiting VCTC knowing their status. Besides these VCTC also a place where PLWHA can meet to gather and share their experiences of positive life. VCTC Team also participates in the health mela, other festivals. etc. Sample is taken from willing individual. If first test comes out to be negative then the result declare the person as HIV non reactive. If the firs test is positive then the sample is tested with different more two principle kits and with getting same positive result the sample is declared as HIV reactive. If all the results are not same then the result is said to be inconclusive & sent to NICD for confirmed test. Year after year it the number of the person visiting has been increasing in keep pace with the number of the centre being opened. Now we can say that the VCTC services are almost evenly distributed all over Delhi. The national target is having one VCTC per district. In Delhi we have nine districts & twenty eight VCTC functioning getting an average more than 3 VCTC in a district. But to reach more number of population DSACS proposes to open Integrated Counseling & Testing Centres at non conventional sites like ISBT, railway platforms. There are many reasons of economy , lack time , distance from home to service delivery outlets why people fail to avail the counseling testing facility at hospital set up. Breaking the barrier the services are being provided through MITWA ( Mobile integrated Testing & Wellness Access )
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