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Delhi State AIDS Control Society
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ART Centers

  Objectives :

To provide comprehensive package of services to eligible persons with HIV/AIDS.
Identify eligible persons with HIV/AIDS requiring ART through laboratory services (HIV testing, CD4 Count & other required investigations to rule out/detect any underlying OI).
Provide free ARV & O.I. Drugs to eligible persons with HIV/AIDS continuously with provision of counseling services before & during treatment for ensuring drug adherence.
Educate persons & escorts on nutritional requirements. Hygiene & measures to prevent transmission of Infection.
Refer patients requiring specialized services or admission.
Provide condoms

  Functions of ART Centres:
Medical Function:
Diagnosis & Treatment of Opportunistic Infections (O.I.)
Start PLHA on ART

Monitor Patients on ART & Manage Side Effects
Provide In-Patient Care when necessary
Facilitate Linkage between other Service Providers
Facilitate Easy Access to Specialist's Care as necessary.
Psychological Functions:
Provide Psychological Support to PLHAs
Provide Counseling for Drug Adherence
Educate PLHAs on Proper Nutrition
Advise for Risk Reduction Behaviour & Use of Condoms.
Social Functions:
Facilitate PLHAs to access Govt & NGO Resources.
Facilitate Linkage between other service providers like educational help for children & Income Generation Programmes.
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Last Updated : 29 Mar,2022