Examining Body for para medical training for Bharatiya Chikitsa

The provisions of DBCP Act relating to Examining Body, defines the purpose of constitution of the Examining Body, (vide sec. 33 of DBCP Act 1998) as follows :                                      

1 for holding and conducting qualifying examinations for Pharmacists,technicians and nursing personnel courses in respect of Bharatiya Chikitsa (which by definition in section 2(b) of DBCP Act means “Astang Ayurved
2 Siddha and Unani Tibb supplemented or not with modern advances in modern scientific system of medicine in all its branches including surgery and obstetrics”);
3 prescribing the courses of study and training for such examinations for Pharmacists, technician and nursing personnel courses in respect of Bharatiya Chikitsa;  
4 other matters related to para-medical training such as Pharmacist, Nursing courses, Punch Karma technician, etc.  
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Last Updated : 04 Nov,2022