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A Quick Report - 2008 (Updated)
A Quick Report - 2008 (Updated)


It gives us enormous pleasure to present the Department's Quick Report-2008 (Updated).  The Department of Education has met with success in a number of areas and the Report details these as well as the reform processes which enabled them.   For instance, the CBSE results for the Standard X Board exams have increased dramatically from 48% in 2005 to 84% in 2008, a massive increase of 36% in just 3 years.  While analysing the impact of the reforms introduced over the past 3 years, it has been found that if the average annual increase in the pass percentage and the number of students passing over 7 years till 2005 had continued, it would have taken almost 16 years to reach the present pass percentage of 84%, and almost 26 years to reach the present level of number of students passing.  That it actually took only 3 years to reach these levels proves the effectiveness of the reforms introduced over the past 3 years.

The Department has also put a lot of emphasis on training, improving the infrastructure, e-Governance and on making learning joyful, interesting and meaningful so that children develop a desire to go to school, and to continue in school.  These initiatives have led to a considerable increase in enrolment at all levels, and a huge decrease in the drop out rates which are coming down to zero.

The Department of Education is also in-charge of Sports for the entire National Capital Territory of Delhi, and Delhi Government Schools (DGS) are at the top amongst all States in the National Schools Games. I am also delighted to inform that Sushil Kumar, who won a Bronze medal at the Beijing Olympic Games in August, 2008, was trained by this Department at its facilities at the Chatrasaal Stadium. The Report features an interview with Sushil and his coach Shri Satpal, Additional Director (Education), Sports.

This Report is dedicated to the lakhs of students, Teachers, Principals and officials, who achieved these impressive goals.

Delivery Process 1 Continued.....
Delivery Process 4 Continued.....
Detailed Analysis of Class XII
Improved Infrastructure
Delivery Process 5 Continued1.....
An Interview of Olympic Bronze medalist Sushil Kumar
Delivery Processes 1 Upgrading Human Resources
Delivery Process 5 Continued2.....
Delivery Processes 5 Ensuring that Learning in Schools is Joyful,Interesting and Meaningful
Delivery Process 3 Continued.....
Delivery Processes 3 Improving the Infrastructure
Executive Summary Unprecedented Successes
Positive Appreciation
Looking Forward to Commonwealth Games - YUVA for All
If There Was A Bomb Threat! - Class X
Delivery Processes 2 Being a Positive and Responsive Employer
Focus on Human Resources and Capacity Building
I Admire You Because..... - YUVA for All
Did You P.T.S. today - Class VII
Detailed Analysis of Class X
Ensuring that learning is Joyful, interesting and Meaningful
Delivery Process 5 Continued3.....
Delivery Process 5 Continued4.....
Let Everyone Live! - Class XII
Delivery Processes 4 E-Governance or i-schooling
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