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Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital

The blood bank which is functional since October 2010 and is working under of Department of Pathology.It caters to the requirement of blood /blood products of the patients admitted in various departments of the 100 bedded hospital.

 Timing of services

Issue of Blood and Blood products


Blood donation  

9.15 A.M. to 3.30P.M Monday to Friday


9.15 A.M. to 12.30P.M Saturday

Donor Screening and Recruitment


We follow strict Screening Criteria to ensure that  healthy and fit donors donate blood. As the voluntary donation rate is low, we depend on replacement donation to a major extent for replenishing our inventory.


Collection of Blood


There is a separate room for phlebotomy. Blood is collected in pleasant surroundings and air - conditioned comfort under aseptic conditions. The entire procedure is performed in presence of doctor on duty and staff nurse.

Post-donation Care: After donation, all the donors are provided with refreshment and kept under observation for any untoward. Then they are issued the blood donation card.

Therapeutic Phlebotomy: We coordinate with various clinical departments in providing therapeutic phlebotomy services.

Voluntary Donation Camps: The blood bank also has facility to go for out station camps in East Delhi and adjacent areas. Despite the constraint of shortage of staff, blood bank co-ordinates with other agencies to organize voluntary blood donation camps from time to time.

Issuance of Blood


Blood Bank accepts requests for blood and blood products for patients from round the clock and the desired blood/product is issued to the patients 24X7.


Donor Blood Processing


Tests for determining the ABO group & Rh type, screening unexpected antibodies to red cell antigens, resolving ABO discrepancies, etc. are performed. The laboratory is equipped with machines for doing ABO grouping and Cross matching using the Gel technology. All the donated units are being screened for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C by ELISA technique. The blood units are also being screened for Malaria antigen and for Syphilis


Pre transfusion testing

This includes ABO grouping, Rh typing, and cross matching to ensure safe blood transfusion

Quality Services

We have our own quality policy and prepare a quality manual that addresses the systems in use. Good record keeping and documentation, use of Standard Operating Procedures and laboratory worksheets, and implementation of safety guidelines further improve the quality of performance.

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