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Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital
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 Services  Offered

The Department of  Pharmacy ensures  that the supply of  medicines is within the law,   ensuring  the medicines prescribed  to patients are suitable, advising patients about medicines i.e. how to take  them, what reactions may occur and answering patients' questions with due  compliance of  Pharmacy /  Medical Practice ethics.
  The  Pharmacy services  reviews the patient record & each  prescription presented for dispensing purpose and for promoting  therapeutic appropriateness by identifying

  • Over  utilisation/ under utilisation
  • Therapeutically  duplication
  • Drug  disease interaction
  • Drug-  drug interaction
  • Incorrect  drug dosage form or duration of drug treatment
  • Drug  allergy interaction
  • Correlation  of availability of drugs
  • Clinical  abuse / misuse

Dispensing of medicines includes the  Pharmaceutical assessment of every prescription presented for dispensing i.e.  pharmacist applies his knowledge to establish the safety, quality efficacy and  rational use of drugs treatment specified by a prescriber & rational Prescription  error rectification.

 The Execution  of prescription done as per the  PHARMACY  PRACTICE REGULATION -2015 (Gazette notification of Govt. of India) keeping in  view the  correct   dosage form, route of administration,  patient condition, duration of treatment,   patient parameters (age, sex, weight, previous medication etc),  compatibility with other medications, possibility of side effects & adverse  drug reactions if any, contraindications, potential for misuse and  inappropriate use of medicines etc.

Drug  Dispensing stations/counters  under Department of Pharmacy


S. No.

Counter/ Station


Concerned OPD    Departments


 Obs & Gynae Pharmacy

Room No. 241, 2nd floor , New OPD Block,

Obs & Gynae, ANC, Infertility clinic.


Paediatrics Pharmacy

Room No. 503,  5th  floor , New OPD Block,

Pediatrics, Pediatric-surgery, Paeds- nephrology/ neurology  etc .


Derma/ Skin Pharmacy

Room No. 722, 7th     floor , New OPD Block,

 Dermatology, Burn & Plastic    etc.


General  Pharmacy ( Male,    Female, Sr. Citizen)

Ground Floor, New OPD Block.

All other OPD Departments like Medicine, Ortho, Surgery, ENT, Spl.    Clinic etc. ( Except Sr. No. 1,2 & 3. Mentioned above)


 Special Pharmacy  Clinic
      ( Sunday Only)

Ground Floor, New OPD Block.

Sr, Citizen clinic  for    Diabetics, Hypertension, Ortho etc.




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Last Updated : 25-August-2022