Deputy Chief Minister
Manish Sisodia
Burn and Plastic
Charak Ayurvedic Kendra
Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Male Family Welfare
Occupational Therapy
Pediatric Surgery

PAC Clinic

To screen the patients referred by the various surgical units i.e. General Surgery, Orthopedic, ENT, Burn & Plastic Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Eye Surgery for there fitness tounder go various Surgical procedures. On an average 80-100 patients attend this clinic everyday.

Pain Clinic

To treat the patient of acute and chronic pain.

Facilities offered

1. Acupuncture Therapy
2. TENS Therapy
3. LASER Acupuncture Therapy
4. Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Labs:- Pulmonary function tests


The dept also provides anaesthesia services to Guru Nanak Eye Center.

In addition department provides :

1. Resuscitative services in the casualty & emergency wings
2. Expert services for the resuscitation & emergency care for NCT ambulences during Red alerts
3.Anesthesia services in the Radiology department for CT Scan, MRI &other investigative procedures andin Radio therapy inchildren.


Department has 15 bedded ICUin the New Casualty/Emergency block of Lok Nayak Hospital, providing services to critically ill patients with medical, surgical and trauatic disease. There are facilities for ventalitory therapy & department has state of art, computerized ICU ventilators for each bed. There is facility to monitor the vital signs of the patients i.e. ECG, BP, resp. parameters & various other invasive & non-invasive parameters with the help of central monitoring system. The Anaesthesia lab attached t the ICUs conduct Arterial blood gas analysis for patients in the ICU, OTs and casulaty Block, Round the clock. The ICU is manned by trained Anaethesilogists, Nursing staff and Technical staff round the clock.

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