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Shri Rajendra Pal Gautam

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Accessible of Religious Places

  • Accessibility of  Places of Worship

                 A.            District Magistrate north West.

                 B.            DM Central.

                 C.            DM East.

                 D.            DM New Delhi.

                 E.            DM North East.

                 F.             Office of the district magistrate(south east).

                 G.            DM North.

                 H.            DM Shahdara.

                 I.             DM South.

                 J.             DM South-West.

                 K.            DM West.

  •   Accessibility of Buildings etc. 

                 A.            Delhi Cantonment Board. 

                 B.            Delhi Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation ltd.

                 C.            East Delhi Municipal Corporation.

                 D.            Transport Department.

                 E.             PWD .

                                  a.    Letter.

                                  b.    Building (Annexure-A) and New Road (Annexure-B).

                 F.             DUSIB.

                                  a.    Letter.

                                  b.    Others and CEO DUSIB

                G.             New Delhi Municipal Council.

                                  a.    Annexure-B.

                                  b.    Annexure-C.


                H.              DTC.


                 I.              North Delhi Municipal Council.

                                 a   status as on 31-06-19.

                                 b   Report.

                                 c   Report 01.

                                 d   Report 02.

                                 e   Report 03.

                                 f   Report in respect of EE(M-I)RZ as on 10.06.2019.

                                 g  Report in respect of EE(M-II)RZ as on 10.06.2019.




                 J.              Education.

                K.              SOUTH DELHI MUNICIPAL CORPORATION .

  •                         EDMC Parks.  

Local Services
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