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  1. Levy of Diesel Fee in Delhi- Govt. of Delhi took a cabinet decision to impose cess on diesel of Rs 0.25 per litre on sale of diesel in NCT of Delhi to create separate fund called Air Ambience Fund. A cess amount of Rs 89.35 crore collected w.e.f. from March'08 to March 2011. An amount of Rs 45.02 crore has been released on account of 50 acres of land for developing TSDF.Further, RS 30.69 crore has been reimbursed as subsidy & DVAT for Battery operated vehicles.

  2. Application for consent under Air Act & water Act can be submitted on line. The software is also user friendly and fee can also be deposited online.

  3. Application submitted at Enquiry Counter of DPCC office are also uploaded on the website of DPCC.

  4. 35852 Number of application are uploaded as on 31/03/2011 on the website of DPCC including application submitted online.

  5. Online processing of all the applications received online as well as off line (after uploading on website of DPCC) application.

  6. Decisions of Consent Management committee are placed on website of DPCC.

  7. Consent policy has been placed on website of DPCC along with the downloadable consent application forms.

  8. Status of disposal of consent applications are placed on website of DPCC.

  9. 26878 Nos of consent have been granted since 2002.
  10. More than 1250 ETPs and more than 600 ECS have been installed by industrial units.

  11. More than 2267 authorizations including the renewal have been granted under Hazardous Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 1989.

  12. Inventorization of hazardous waste generating units has been done through M/s RAMKY Infra Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

  13. Shopping Malls and five star hotels have been pursued to adopt environment friendly practices with special emphasis on reuse of treated waste water, rain water harvesting, solar heating system, paper re-cycling, water conservation etc.

  14. In pursuance of Hon'ble L.G.'s notification dated 07.01.09 forbidding the use of plastic bags at certain locations ,266 legal samples have been collected , out of which 47 cases have been fined /convicted by the Hon'ble court.Till June(mid) DPCC has received Rs 27,51,000/- as compensation in plastic bag cases.

  15. Information provided to more than 1200 persons under RTI Act 2005 till 31.03.2011.

  16. Decisions of 161 Number of Consent Management Committee (Orange) and 71 Number of Consent Management Committee (Green) have been placed on website of DPCC.

  17. There are four operators Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facilities i.e. (I) M/s Synergy Waste Management Pvt. Limited, near Composite Plant, & near Sukhdev Vihar, Okhla, Delhi-20 and (II) M/s Metro Bio- Care Services Pvt. Ltd., 55 Railway Road, Samaipur, Delhi-42 (III) Biotic solutions 46,SSI Industrial area Delhi-33. (IV)w/s SMS water Grace BMW Pvt ltd, STP complex of DJB at Nilothi. These CBWTFs are having more than 3000 member units from which Bio-medical waste is collected and treated.

  18. Ten (10) Incinerators, 22 autoclaves and 3 microwaves are operating in Delhi. All the incinerators are having Air Pollution control device (APCD)

  19. Fifty�Nine(59) Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) (45 Pvt Hospitals & 14 Govt. Hospitals) installed for the treatment of the waste water generated from the Hospital.

  20. Public Notices issued in News papers from time to time for proper management of Bio-medical waste and for compliance of BMW rules.

  21. Hospitals having 50 beds or more have been asked by DPCC to phase out mercury based equipments e.g. thermometers and B.P. Instruments. 50 Hospitals have informed regarding phasing out of mercury based thermometers B.P. Instruments.

  22. Hospital having 50 beds or more have been directed to install

    • Solar water heating system.
    • Rain water harvesting system.
    • Replacement of ordinary bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL).
    • Installation of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) with recycling of treated effluent for use in horticulture, air conditioning/Cooling plants and flushing of toilets etc.
    • Plantation of trees along side of the periphery of the hospital building.
  23. A Construction and Demolition waste plant of 500 tonns per day caspacity has been installed by M/S IL & FS and operational at Jahangirpuri for processing of constructional and Demolition waste in Delhi. Processed C & D material is used for tiles/pavement blocks and also ready mix concrete.

  24. A public notice was issued on 09.01.2011 mentioning the provisions of Batteries(Management and Handling) Rules 2001 and responsibilities of various stake holders(manufacturers, Importers, Assemblers, Reconditioners, Dealers, Bulk consumers, Auctioneers, Consumers) for the compliance of the said rules-

  25. E-Waste

    • Meetings held with the officials of NDMC, MCD, NDPL, BSES, Env. Deptt, DPCC and the Recyclers of E-Waste in Northern India for E-Waste management.
    • Storage bins for E-Waste has been installed at No. of Schools and bins were given to NDMC/MCD for placing the bins at prominent locations.
    • A Public Notice was issued in March and June 2010 in various news papers for disposals of E- Waste only through registered Recycler/Reprocess or.
    • D.O. letters issued to customers Department, MSTC Limited and other Govt. Organizations /Hospitals (50 beds and above) IT Companies for disposals of E-Waste only through the registered Recycler/Reprocessor.
    • Comments of Draft Rules on E-Waste have been sent to MOEF.
    • Posters on E-Waste has been prepared and given to Nehru Place Market Association for its distribution.
  26. Assessment of ground water quality is carried out at 34 locations of Delhi

  27. 238 water monitoring, 1046 noise monitoring and 223 stack monitoring have been undertaken during the year 2010-11.

  28. Source monitoring is undertaken of all the five thermal power stations on monthly basis.

  29. Monitoring and Assessment of CETPs, STPs, thermal Power Plants and Water Treatment Plants is carried out on monthly basis.

  30. DPCC laboratory has got recognition under EP Act, 1986.

  31. Inventorisations of hazardous waste generating units (1995 Nos) have been carried out.

  32. 11 CETPs with total capacity of 115.7 MLD have been installed and operational to treat the wastewater.

  33. Five out of six continuous ambient air quality monitoring station have been installed and functional at IGI Airport, Punjabi Bagh, Civil lines, Mandir marg, R.K. Puram. On-line Real Time Data in available on website of DPCC.

  34. Ambient air quality monitoring station at Anand Vihar will be functional very soon.

  35. Cess Assessment: An amount of Rs 10.18 crores have been collected and sent to MOEF. DPCC has received an amount of Rs.14.32 crores during the financial year 2010-2011.

  36. Various consultants have been empanelled for guiding the industries for installation / improvement of Effluent Treatment Plants and Emission Control Systems.

  37. Software has been developed for all the technical processes. Computerization has been done. All the functioning desks have been provided computers and networking has been done for strengthening of DPCC working.

  38. Website has been developed in such a manner that entrepreneurs can access the important decision and also views detailed activities in a transparent manner.

  39. Regular advertisements are being published in leading News Papers for awareness among citizens.

  40. Yamuna River monitoring and drains monitoring is carried out at 9 & 24 locations respectively every month.

  41. Ponds and water bodies water quality monitoring is carried out at an interval of six months.

  42. Water quality monitoring is conducted at 13 locations of Idol immersion on vijayadashmi every year.

  43. 810 No. of complaints have been forwarded to Industry Deptt. for necessary action as per Order of Hon'ble Supreme Court dated 07.05.2004.

  44. Authorization given by DPCC for following 3 new plants for conversion of Solid waste into RDF for generation of power
    • Timarpur: 650 Tons per day MSW giving 225 Tonns per day RDF.
    • Okhla Plant : 1300 Ton per day MSW giving 450 Tons RDF.
    • Ghazipur: 1300 Ton per day MSW giving 450 Tons RDF.
  45. Consent to Establish given by DPCC for following two compost plants:
    • Okhla Plant: 200 Tons per day MSW.
    • APMC Tikri Plant: Upgrading from 125 Tons per day to 200 Tons per day for food and vegetable waste.
  46. Thermal Power Plants in Delhi have been asked to meet standard of 50 mg/Nm3 for particular matter in their stack emission which is more stringent than the EPA standard of 150 mg/Nm3.

  47. 29 STPs having capacity of 512.8 MGD are installed and operational to treat domestic waste water.

  48. IP Thermal Power station has closed it's operations Gas based power plants are being encouraged to come up in Delhi.

  49. Two waste to energy plants are coming up to Okhla and Ghazipur.

  50. One more integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management facility at Narela - Bawana notified site has been given consent to establish, with a capacity of 4000 MT/day, to M/s Ranky Infrastructure Ltd.

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