Work Allocation
Work Allocation of Revenue Department as per Allocation of Business Rules, 1993.
  1. Land revenue including the assessment and collection of revenue, the maintenance of land records, survey for revenue purposes and records of rights, and alienation of revenue.
  2. Land, that is to say, rights in our land, land tenures including the relation of landlord and tenant, and the collection of rents; transfer and alienation of agricultural land; land improvement and agricultural loans, colonization.
  3. Settlement & Consolidation of Holdings.
  4. Relief & Rehabilitation
  5. Revenue Courts.
  6. Citizenship, Nationality & Scheduled Caste Certificates.
  7. Land Acquisition.
  8. Haj Pilgrimage.
  9. Recovery in state of claim in respect of taxes & other public demands including arrears of land revenue & sum recoverable as such arrears arising outside that state.
  10. Gurdawara Elections & Administration of Gurdawaras.

Chief Minister
Shri Arvind Kejriwal
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Last Updated : 02 May,2018